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Same Day - Next Day

VIBCO understands that long lead times cost you time and money. You don't want to wait for your order and you certainly don't want to waste money on expedited freight. That's why we are committed to shipping all standard VIBCO products the same day or very next day that we receive an order.
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Quick "Case in Point"

It's Monday. You need the vibrator to be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Friday. (based on 15 lbs shipment, shipping cost estimate from ups.com from Wyoming, RI to Baton Rouge, LA)

VIBCO Ships Same Day = UPS Ground $15.32
Competitor A Ships on Tuesday = UPS 3 Day Select $39.94
Competitor B Ships on Wednesday = UPS 2nd Day Air $68.16
Competitor C Ships on Thursday = UPS Next Day Air $109.48

Calculate Your Own Cost Savings

Same day next day


Quality is a promise that we take seriously at VIBCO. We understand that our vibrators are often critical elements of production and we are committed to providing the highest quality vibrators available on the market. Each and every vibrator we manufacture is tested as it's built to ensure that it operates exactly as we promise. Our lean one-piece-flow production ensures that there are no bad batches, no underperforming units and most importantly — that our customers can always rely on our quality.

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Quick "Case in Point"

Joanne, an experienced VIBCO craftsperson, began building a customer order. After building and testing the very first unit, she realized that there was a problem. The vibrator wasn't coming up to speed as quickly as it should. She immediately alerted engineering who diagnosed and corrected the problem immediately. Because Joanne identified the problem quickly (rather than at the end of build as occurs with traditional batch processing), she was able to complete the build on time with perfect quality so the order shipped the same day.


We're proud to manufacture our products right here in America. Throughput means that VIBCO team members are continually innovating better, faster, and more efficient ways to use our resources, including time, inventory, energy and space. Maximizing our Throughput allows us to keep our prices competitive and sustain Same Day, Next Day while reducing our carbon footprint.

Throughput also means that we actively seek ways to streamline the experience of our most valuable resource — you! Our customer service agents quickly and efficiently assess your needs, rapidly provide solutions, and each person is committed to ensuring that your VIBCO experience exceeds your expectations.

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Quick "Case in Point"

Your customer needs dimensional drawings, technical specs, and pricing and delivery for three different VIBCO models. A friendly, live person answers your call and quickly transfers you to Giovanni, a VIBCO customer service agent. He actively listens to your needs and sends the information to you within moments. You receive all of the documents via email while you are still on the phone! While fulfilling your information request, Giovanni informs you that VIBCO offers free virtual van visits to help ensure a perfect installation, which will save you even more time down the road.

It was the easiest, most productive 5 minutes of your morning... and you won the order!


VIBCO has been innovating and creating new vibration solutions since 1962. We introduced the ORIGINAL Silent Turbine Vibrator and hold more than 25 US Patents for our designs. At VIBCO, innovation extends far beyond the product line. We are continuously innovating to find better, faster, more efficient ways to do business — both internally and with you, our customer.

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Quick "Case in Point"

Ramon adds value in the assembly area of VIBCO Vibrator's manufacturing operations. He builds VIBCO's patented Silent Turbine Vibrators and is proud of his work. At home one weekend, Ramon thought of a way to cut his assembly time per unit in half, while increasing quality and standardizing his process. Ramon knew he had a great idea, but he needed some help to make the fixture that would turn his idea into a reality. Ramon engaged his daughter to help him translate his idea from his native language, Spanish, into English, so he could clearly share his vision.

The result? Ramon reduced the assembly time on his units by more than 65% and the total investment of time and resources to implement his idea was less than $50.

Ramon's spirit of innovation and committment to improvement characterizes the entire VIBCO Vibration Nation team of employees.

100% Employee Engagement

Building a Lean Culture requires the efforts of every person, every day. At VIBCO, we recognize that our team of employess are our most important resource. The success of our company depends on 100% of the team being engaged to innovate, improve, and add more value to our customers. Each member of the VIBCO Vibration Nation team is a leader and value stream manager, and enthusiastically shares his or her talents and ideas in our relentless pursuit of perfection.

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Quick "Case in Point"

A VIBCO customer recently placed an order for 65 55-2 piston vibrators and VIBCO shipped the same day. When the vibrators arrived at the customer location, they realized that they had ordered the wrong model — they needed a longer piston for their application. The time and cost of returning the vibrators for replacements was a big problem. So the innovative minds at VIBCO came up with a solution. They created a quick "how-to" video for replacing the pistons and shipped replacement pistons the very same day. With the step-by-step video in hand, the customer was able to replace the pistons themselves and stayed on schedule and on budget for their installation.