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VIBCO History

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The Past

VIBCO manufactures vibration solutions for material flow, efficiency and safety – and we’ve doing it since 1962.  We began our journey in Lodi, New Jersey in 1962 with a line of electric vibrators. We added pneumatic ball vibrators and we patented the first pneumatic turbine vibrator in the early 1970's.

The 'VIBCO Silent Turbine Vibrator' revolutionized the industry. It’s ultra-quiet, no-maintenance performance delighted OEMs, bulk processors, grain handling facilities, automotive manufacturers, foundries, food processors, and more, as they said goodbye to  noisy, messy, high-maintenance, poor-performance vibrators.

And so it began.

Since then, VIBCO Engineers have developed more than 1600 different vibrators and hold more 25 U.S. Patents for our designs. Our focus has always been on developing the solutions that our customers need for their applications and helping them to apply vibration to solve problems. Our Virtual Van Visit program is the most simple, most innovative way that we help to ensure our customers get it right – the very first time.

VIBCO Vibrators has been manufacturing industrial and construction vibrators for over 50 years. It's what we do. We deliver the most reliable, most complete line of vibration products available on the market today - without long lead times. We're so convinced that our 100% Made in the USA vibrators are the best in the business, that we offer a no-risk trial program so that our customers can convince themselves! Learn more about VIBCO's trial program


The Present

Building on the original foundation of quality, trust, and reliability, VIBCO continues to evolve its mission and philosophy to adapt to today's competitive marketplace. Embracing our True North (Same Day, Next Day; Throughput; Innovation; Quality), VIBCO has developed a culture of change - one where continuous improvement and the elimination of muda (waste) are embraced wholly; where employees are inspired, encouraged, and empowered to act on their ideas; where we are collectively focused on the voice of the customer; and where we make the impossible possible. 

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The Future

As VIBCO moves into our next fifty years, we will continue to grow, gain global market share, and enhance our position as the vibrator brand of choice. Our responsiveness and operational efficiency will enable us to remain cost competitive while providing an unsurpassed level of product quality and service to our customers. From same-day shipping, to rapid fulfillment of custom orders, to the development of innovative strategic partnerships throughout our value stream, VIBCO is — and will continue to be — the home of The Expert Vibrator Guys.