VIBCO Air Cannons

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VIBCO Air Cannons 

Air Cannons For Solving Tough Material Flow Problems

VIBCO Vibrators offers affordable, effective and reliable air cannons to suit many industrial or construction applications. If you have material flow problems like arching, bridging, ratholing or material sticking to the sides of your bin, then a VIBCO Air Cannon can help!

The VIBCO Air Cannon consists of a high-pressure tank storing compressed air (80 to 125 PSI) and a quick release piston valve that, on command, instantly releases compressed air into the bin or silo to fluidize the material.

What's Your Problem?

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Material sticks at the end or above the sloping section of the bin or hopper


Sticking to Sides

Material clings to the sides of the bin instead of flowing through the opening



Material clings to sides of bin or hopper and creates a void or dead storage area



Material hangs in the lower sloping sections of the bin or hopper