VIBCO "Big Buster" Pneumatic Vibrators

VIBCO BIG BUSTER railcar shaker vibrator

Ideal for the Toughest Applications

Big Buster PF Pneumatic Vibrators are ideal for the toughest applications. From unloading railcars to moving materials in huge bins and hoppers (over 150,000 lbs.) — there's a VIBCO Big Buster that can do the job.

VIBCO Big Buster PF Vibrators provide high force and low frequency and are designed for continuous duty, lubrication is required. Precise speed control allows "tuning" of the vibrator so you can achieve the best possible results. Big Buster vibrators are available with a clamp-on base for portability and a bolt-on base for permanent mounting.

Delivered On Time... Your Time

VIBCO understands that long lead times cost you money — that's why all of VIBCO's standard products ship the same day or very next day we receive your order. We also make sure that you receive the factory support that you need by having live, friendly customer service agents available to assist you from 7:30am — 8:00pm EST, and 24 hour technical support.

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