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Silent Electric Vibrators with Adjustable Speed and Force

Noiseless, heavy duty electric vibrator with adjustable speed and force while running. VIBCO SCR vibrators feature a rugged, permanent magnet DC motor and SCR Controller with overload protection. Plug and play into a standard 115 Volt outlet. No special wiring or circuitry is needed. Accurate, consistent and reliable performance throughout the full speed range.

Totally enclosed, non-vented housing makes the SCR Model ideal for use inside or outside or in wet or dusty situations. VIBCO SCR electric vibrators are rated for continuous duty.

Where to Use SCR Adjustable Speed and Force Vibrators

BINS & CHUTES: Controlled feed - go from trickle to torrent, even with hard to move materials.

PACKAGING: Select and settle. Get the ideal shake for optimum densification and settling.

SCREENING: Fast, non-binding. For sifting, scalping and sorting, controlled vibration gives fastest and most complete results.

TEST TABLES: Verify part integrity, simulate handling and over the road transportation. Low cost, full range control gives multiple speeds, "G" values and amplitudes necessary to meet most specs.