Fix Clogged Spreaders From Inside Your Truck Cabin

With a VIBCO DC vibrator mounted to your tailgate spreader hopper, V-Box or dump body, you can now fix clogs and slow material flow without ever leaving your truck.

Gone are the days of pulling the truck over, grabbing a shovel, jumping into the hopper and manually digging out the stuck material and freeing your material flow. 

All it takes is single 2-step installation. The first step is to mount the VIBCO DC vibrator to your spreader hopper. The second is to mount the activation button to your truck's dashboard. The next time your spreader is clogging up mid-shift, just give the button a few taps and your flow will return to normal instantly.

Whether your job needs a small dc vibrator or something bigger, we've got you covered.

Explore our complete line of VIBCO DC vibrators for winter equipment below.

Vibco SandBuster DC-60 12V Vibrator

• Perfect for Tailgate Spreaders
• 12 Volt DC Power - 24V Available
• 3600 Vibrations Per Minute
• Durable, Non-Corrosive Housing 


Vibco SandBuster DC-900 12V Vibrator

• Great For 7-10yd V-Box Spreaders
• 12 Volt DC Power - 24V Available
• 6000 Vibrations Per Minute
• Rugged Heavy Duty Housing


Vibco Sandbuster DC-3500 Big Bertha Vibrator

• The Right Choice For Dumpbodies
• 12 Volt DC Power - 24V Available
• 4000 Vibrations Per Minute
• Includes Wiring & Mounting Kit


vibco vibrators dc-20 dc vibrator winter


vibco vibrators dc-50 dc vibrator


vibco vibrators dc-100 dc vibrator


vibco vibrators dc-200 dc vibrator


vibco vibrators dc-300 dc vibrator


VIBCO DC Vibrators In Action

Explore the gallery below showcasing different applications of VIBCO's DC vibrator line:

Watch VIBCO's DC-60 Sandbuster™ keep a dirt and sand mixture moving on this pickup truck tailgate spreader.

Watch VIBCO's DC-60 Sandbuster™ instantly unclog this tailgate spreader's clogged materials.


A VIBCO DC-60 mounted to Magnum Salt Spreader


A VIBCO DC-60 mounted to Curtis salt spreader hopper.


A VIBCO DC-100 mounted to the bottom of a dump body.


A VIBCO DC-300 mounted to a V-box spreader hopper.


VIBCO's DC-700 mounted to the bottom of a plow truck dump body.


A VIBCO DC-100 mounted to a V-box shaped hopper.


A Vibrator For Every Tailgate Spreader and V-Box Size and Shape

From the smallest tailgate spreader to the biggest, widest dumpbody we have a DC vibrator for your job.

VBICO's DC vibrators come in a wide range of sizes and voltages for any job big or small. Our DC-20, 40 and 60 vibrators are ideal for small to mid-size tailgate spreaders while our larger, more powerful DC- 200, 400, 600 all the way up to our 1600 and Big Bertha DC-3500 are perfect for large dumpbodies and hoppers.

Our vibrators mount effortlessly to most major spreader brands including Fisher, Curtis, Flink, Salt Dog and many, many more.

Your Truck Will Rust Before These Vibrators

Dump truck and pick up trucks rust from winter to winter. These vibrators don't.

VIBCO DC vibrators are encased in a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant housing. It's going to take more than briny salt mixtures and heavy snow fall to penetrate these vibrators. 

Unmatched Customer Service And North American Distributor Network

Our sales team and North American dealer network is ready to get you equipped with VIBCO this winter. 

From the biggest city to the smallest town, VIBCO is there. VIBCO DC vibrators are stocked in most major name industrial parts distributors in the United States and Canada.

Same day shipping is a guarantee when ordering with VIBCO. 

100% American Made, 100% American Sourced

All VIBCO products are made and sourced in the United States.

Our products are built and assembled here at our main factory at 75 Stilson Road, Wyoming, Rhode Island and our parts are sourced from plants, foundries and mills all around New England and the United States (including some here in Rhode Island).