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Railcar Shakers for Fast, Clean Unloads

VIBCO CCW-5000 Railcar shaker
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator CCW-5000

VIBCO Model 44-3 Railcar shaker
High Impact Piston
Vibrator 44-3

Big Buster Pneumatic Vibrator PC-3500

  • Up to 7,000 lbs of force
  • Use for salts, iron ore,
    malt, potash, bauxite,calcium
    carbide, crushed marble, etc
  • High force output with virtually
    silent operation
  • Patented design does not
    require lubrication
  • Wedge bracket to fit hopper car's
    female dove-tail bracket
  • Budget-friendly "Workhorse"
    railroad car vibrator
  • High force output
  • Requires lubrication
  • Ideal for moving coarse
    or stubborn materials
  • Available in wedge or
    clamp-on style
  • High force, low frequency
  • Hydraulic version HC-3500
    also available
VIBCO Railcar shakers are ready to ship

Stik-it for railcars, SVRFS-5500
VIBCO Stik-It™ Vibrator Mount

The NEW VIBCO Stik-It is the solution for all around the rail yard. Place the Stik-It where the vibration is needed - it sticks where you want it and releases with the flick of a switch. Compatible with most VIBCO Vibrators, including the SVRFS-4000AL. Call your VIBCO representative for more information.

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Railcar selection guide

VIBCO Railboss
VIBCO RailBoss Positive Locking Vibrator

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